The Issues & The Plan:

Opioid Epidemic
Communities and families in Anne Arundel County are being torn apart by the opioid epidemic. We are going to bring the recovery community, faith community, families, and those in active addiction to the table and get to work!

Our county has been struggling with an identity crisis under the current administration's policies. This identity crisis ends under a Grasso Administration. South County will stay Rural, we will invest in our infrastructure, and we will provide first responders the tools to help with response times. We are also going to invest in revitalization efforts across the county and make sure communities are in the driving seat getting the support they need!

Anne Arundel County boasts many waterways, parks, and natural habitats for wildlife. I will continue with the same efforts I have in county council to lower sediment and nitrates in the waterways, stand with communities to provide access to parks without changing the character of the neighborhood and continue to support open space so that natural habitats can thrive.

The people in Anne Arundel County do not want their taxes increased. I respect, understand, and agree. We have a wealth of resources in our county that need to be protected and tax payers who do not want to increase the tax burden. I am not going to raise taxes to accomplish all of our goals. We will work within the budget; create opportunities that generate new and long-term income, and reform government.

Government Reform
Government reform starts at the top with good leadership, working with communities, and fresh ideas! When you’re voting John Grasso here is what you are getting:

• An executive team that works with constituents. Coalitions, activist, and leaders in their industry.
• A budget created with input from the community directly to the county executive
• Streamlining services the county provides
• I will work with the county auditor and county council to create incentives for businesses and homeowners seeking to revitalize their properties.
• We will have good communication and complete transparency

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